Monday, February 16, 2009

Indy Autorama Post #3

Naomi, the only female member of the Road Rockets owns this sic Plymouth.
I believe this Caddy is owned by Mike, another member of of the Road Rockets.

Man...I really like the looks of this sic little number. Check out the sweet wooden floor boards, the bed lining was made from the same material!

FINALLY! After walking through two large buildings filled with spotless trailer queens, we finally found the tunnel that lead to the traditional hotrod portion of the show sponsored by the Indy Road Rockets.

These kats (and kitten) are a GREAT club. They sponsor one of the finest events that I've had the privilege of attending, the Road Rocket Rumble. This summer's event will mark the 10th anniversary of the show, and by looking at the flyer for the event, it looks like it will not disappoint. For more information about the June 18-20th event, check out their website at

At any rate, it was great to see most of the club's vehicles at the event, including the little light blue Stude that Yancy drove across Route 66 this past summer. (See a great article about this event in last month's copy of Old Skool Rodz). Whole crap Yancy! This must have been quite an adventure due to the fact that with no transmission hump in the floor, you can see the road!