Monday, January 19, 2009

Not Stock Photography

This pics got it all...kool traditional rod backed by an industrial setting with the juxtaposition of a church...very kool.

I personally love this kind of stuff. The Caddy is sic, and the black and white background really focuses the eye on the car.
Well, I've always had a thing for redheads...'nuff said.

One of my buddies on the "Hub" ( does some ABSOLUTELY incredible photography work. I spent some time looking at the photographs in his online garage and then followed the link to his business website. John...GREAT STUFF! Hope ya don't mind I've posted some of my favorite shots here on Suede and Chrome and provided folks with a link to your site:
This is a great shot! I love the robin egg blue metalflake and wide whites. The bleachers in the background remind me of going to the local dragstrip with my dad as a kid.
Ah yes...traveling on the open road in a sic rod. Can life get any better than this?