Saturday, January 17, 2009

From Worldwide Readers to Neighbor's Cars...

Well, it's ALWAYS incredible to receive an email and/or comment about this blog from someone outside of the United States. It's very kool to know that gearheads all over the world are reading this blog and sharing ideas....makes the world a much smaller place doesn't it?

This morning, I received a comment from a gearhead in Sweden that contained a link to his blog. He is a "Pontiac" man, but his site has ALOT of kool car related stuff for any motorhead. The blog is in Swedish, but with the kool Google translator widget in his sidebar, you can read it in English. Check it out at: It's a great blog and contains several links to other bloggers in Sweden.
On a MUCH more local level, my next door neighbor has put her 1961 Ford Falcon 4-door up for auction on eBay. She's had the car for a couple of years and it has been her daily driver. Thought I'd bring a little traffic to her auction and maybe even help her sell the car by posting it to this site. Follow the link below to check out this little mint green grocery getter.

Finally, thanks to my Swedish reader, I found this REALLY kool guestbook widget that I've added to the bottom of this blog. The widget allows visitors to sign the guestbook AND post a picture of THEIR vehicle....Now that's KOOL! Please check it out and upload a pic of your car! It will be great to see what projects/hot rods/etc. readers have in their garages.