Monday, January 5, 2009

New Suede and Chrome Store!

Well, school is back in session, today was the first day back for teachers and students. It was good to see everyone and hear about their Christmas activities.

A new addition for the rear window of Ol' Blue....hey, it's amazing what you can find "for cheap" after Halloween!

Christmas break was restful for Ol' Scruffy. Santa brought my kids a Nintendo Wii and a Wii Fit, so the whole family has enjoyed creating Mii characters, bowling, tennis, and learning their "Wii Fit ages".

I did get caught up on some work over Christmas break, however I was also able to play around with this site as well. Most of you have already noticed the cosmetic changes, but the coolest change for 2009 is the addition of the "Suede and Chrome Store". Over break I found a sweet site that allows you to create products and sell them through your website. Since I built the site, I've been trying to work up a couple new products every now and then. I'm planning to buy a few of my designs in the near future for myself. I'll definitely report on the quality of the products when I receive my purchases. CHECK IT OUT!

I've been working on additional ways to make some $$ from this site. Two years ago, it started as a hobby, but the more time I sink into it, the more my wife thinks I need to give it up. She was very happy when I told her I had sold some ad space on the site over Christmas break. (Which brings me to a little ad of my own: If you are interested in gaining instant international exposure for your business or products, please contact me. If your product meets my criteria, I would be more than happy to work something out for you to advertise on Suede and Chrome.) My plan is to put any funds I make through this site into my '50 Chevy. So PLEASE feel free to contact me!

This month will probably be a little slow as far as Suede and Chrome posts. There are not a lot of "happenings" in the Midwestern United States during the month of January. I do have a couple of things in the works....I'm working on a deal to have my bumpers rechromed at a fellow club members business. I've talked to him about the idea of documenting the chroming process through Suede and Chrome posts. He likes the idea and even added to the "brainstorming" by saying that he could teach Ol' Scruffy the process and we could document ME doing the work! Sounds pretty kool!

I've also got a few parts I need to get on my car over the next few weeks. And....I'm trying to talk to all of the guys in our newly formed car club about coming around and getting some pictures (and stories) of them and their cars. Hopefully, these ideas can keep me posting through the slow months of winter. I do plan on getting to either the Autorama in Indianapolis, Indiana and/or the one in Detroit, Michigan during the months of February and March.

Finally, I've been working on the idea of trying to get some photographs and/or a story published in Ol' Skool Rodz or Car Kulture Deluxe. Because I've been focusing on pictures that will load quickly on this site, I currently do not have any high resolution photographs to submit. I'm kicking around a couple of "photo ops" that might afford me the opportunity to take some photos worth submitting.

If you have any ideas and/or pictures of your projects or cars. Please feel free to email me. It would be cool to post some reader stuff as well.

Here are a couple of cool links I've ran across this week:

Jim's 59- "This website began in 2005 as a step-by-step documentary of Jim's three-year-long restoration of this 1959 Impala. Jim wanted to provide other 1959 Chevrolet enthusiasts with a complete overview of the restoration process. To this day, this site has the most complete photo database of any 1959 Impala restoration anywhere on earth. Since 2005, this site has evolved into one of the most popular 1959 Chevrolet websites on the internet." Check it out at:

The Radio - One of my teacher's told me about this site today. It is really cool as you can search for almost any artist and/or song and it will play online. You can search my genre too. It's great to play in the background as you surf the net or buy that next part for your project car on eBay. Check it out at

Have a GREAT week!