Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Thanks for the Joke Jesse!

An avid Suede and Chrome reader took me up on the challenge to send in some car related jokes. Thanks Jesse for your contribution and your support of this blog!

"A guy is told by his wife that for the 20th anniversary she wants something chromed and able to do 0 to 200 in 4 seconds flat.

He buys her bathroom scales."

Well, again, not alot happening that is "car related" in Ol' Scruffy's world. I am looking forward to the Indy Autorama that is coming up on February 14th. I've got a few of my car club buddies that have committed to the date as well. And...we've got some good lookin' tee-shirts ordered for the show as well. Only car related "happenings" recently, my 14-year old daughter has began "talking 1st cars". About a month or so ago, she said, "Dad, I'd really like to have a 1968 Mustang when I turn 16." I replied, "Heck....I'd like to have a 1968 Mustang before I'm 50."

This week, she's been hinting around for me to contact my uncle who has a 1986 Camaro in his barn. It was my cousin's car when she was in high school. Last time I saw it, I think my uncle had rebuilt the 305 engine, did some body work, and repainted the car. The car has been sitting inside for several years. My daughter seems to think that an '86 Camaro would be a "reasonable compromise" if she can't get a 1968 Mustang. (too funny)