Friday, January 9, 2009

Floor Mats, Car Club, A sic Pickup, and a cool Catalina....

Well, not a lot happening in the Ol' Suede and Chrome garage. I spoke with Vinylynn today from to finalize the custom design on the new floor mats I bought from her for the '50. We decided that a kool blue pinstriped design would look better than a red or orange design in my car. I've posted a preview below. Thanks Lynn....this design is very kool! Can't wait to see them resting on the floorboards!

Lynn also "tweeked" the design the Righteous Rodders picked out for our club shirts and stickers. She sent me a preview of it as well. (See below). Watch for us this Spring and Summer at area events!
I ran across a couple of kool "Indiana" vehicles currently for auction on eBay tonight. The first is a sweet looking 1966 Pontiac Catalina limo. According to the owner, it is 1 of only 20 made. Most Suede and Chrome readers know I have SEVERAL kids. How sweet would this Catalina be with some wide-whites, spyder hubs and chrome lugnuts and beauty rings? I'm sure the kids would love cruisin' around East Central Indiana in this!

You can check it out at:

Another sic vehicle currently on eBay is this awesome looking taildragger Chevrolet pickup. You can check it out at:

Well, no plans for the weekend. The weather forecast is calling for some freezing rain followed by 3 to 5 inches of snow in this part of the state...Maybe I can get out to the garage and get the front and rear bumpers off of the Chevy to take to my chrome plating buddy!

Have a GREAT weekend!