Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Great Product!

Well, every now and then, Ol' Scruffy will run across a product that he really likes. When this is the case, I like to tell others about it. One such product is Lugz boots. (HEY....this blog is about traditional rods AND ANYTHING KOOL....& these things are kool!)
Now mind you, I'm not writing this endorsement because I'm bound contractually through some blog writers site that pays bloggers to write about this product and that one. No, I just think Lugz make a great, comfortable pair of boots.

Up until a couple of years ago, I knew very little about the shoe. Being an educator, I would see an occasional "gansta-want-a-be" trying to look "fly" wearing the crotch of his pants to his knees and sporting a "hip" pair of Lugz....(by the way, we don't allow folks to wear their pants 'slung lo' in our district, so those who try to wear their clothing in such a fashion find themselves sitting in front of my office before the end of homeroom).

I actually "discovered" Lugz brand through the endorsement of the guys from OCC. I enjoy "TiVo"ing American Chopper, and back in 2006, Paul Sr. and the boys picked up Lugz as a sponsor. It was shortly after that, I was at an Athletic Shoe store in our local mall with my wife (she is an avid walker and a shoe freak. Heck, you might even call her a "shoe collector"). At any rate, while my wife tried on a few pair of shoes, I went to the men's side of the store and noticed the Lugz display. I ended up trying on a pair that I thought I could wear to school on "casual Fridays" and was amazed at how comfortable they were.

Well, today, a few years later, I was in that same store with my wife and bought my 4th pair of Lugz. And the truly amazing thing is....I'm still wearing the other 3 pair. I've got a pair for casual Fridays, a pair of "Paul Jr." boots for everyday "stompin", another pair of "Paul Jr's" for going to car shows, out with my wife on "date night", etc. The shoes are so comfortable that I bought a new pair today that are a bit dresser that I can wear to school on other days of the week. So basically, whether I'm out messing with my Chevy in the garage, hangin' out at a car show, or takin' my wife out for a romantic dinner...there is a real good chance I'll be wearin' a pair of Lugz.

Tonight, I went to the Lugz website for the first time. Thought I would drop them an email and tell them what I'm telling you. While I was there, I ran across a page in which they are selling off the chopper the OCC boys built for them. Now, Ol' Scruffy can't afford the $500,000.00 asking price, (50% does go to charity), but I thought maybe some Suede and Chrome readers might have that kind of dough lying around, a real interest in the bike, and a big heart for charity. :)
You can learn more about the Lugz OCC chopper and the great line of Lugz products at:

p.s...If ya decided to buy the chopper, can Ol' Scruffy take a ride?