Monday, May 5, 2008

Wheels Through Time American Transportation Museum

Last Summer, I posted an article about the Wheels of Time Museum...(read it at: ) After the posting, my parents were traveling south and actually made the trip to the museum. Dad took several pictures and gave me copies to scan. Well, needless to say "life happens" and sometimes we either never get the time or forget a few things along the way.

Last weekend, while I was looking through some files in my desk, I ran across the envelope containing my father's pictures. Thought I would scan them this evening and begin uploading them. THANKS POP FOR THE PICTURES!

I went to the Wheels Through Time website this evening as I was scanning the pictures to "refresh" my memory. I ran across the following news that might be of interest to some of you:

Wheels Through Time Is Shifting Gears

The Wheels Through Time Museum will be shifting its gears in 2009 towards new objectives and a new focus. America’s most renowned collection of rare vintage American Motorcycles will be relocating out of Western North Carolina to a currently undecided location in order to expand its horizons and broaden its impact.

Having relocated to Western North Carolina in 2002, the museum has been an outstanding success, preserving the history of hundreds of America’s rarest two- and four-wheeled machines and presenting them in a fascinating, natural ambience for over 280,000 visitors in just five short years. Now, the museum looks to broaden its impact, through both a new location and a new museum initiative of “Taking Wheels around the World”.

“The new museum program, ‘Wheels Around the World” will allow the history of American motorcycles to be shared with a larger audience than only those able to visit the physical museum itself” says Dale Walksler, curator and founder of Wheels Through Time. “Through this new and exciting initiative, we will offer full service exhibit development, construction, and curatorial services to the countless organizations around the world who have an interest in displaying the history of the culture and sport that his influenced our society for over 100 years.” The museum plans to collaborate with fellow enthusiasts and their notable collections, among many others, to provide these institutions with the ability to create first class exhibits telling the stories of our countries treasured motoring past.

“We are very excited to move ahead with this new program, and look forward to developing a more avid interest in the past, present and future of American Motorcycling across the country.”

In pursuing these new initiatives, Wheels Through Time will be downsizing its collection with an auction slated for September 25th-27th, 2008. Approximately 150 of the rare machines from the collection will be offered in a sale hosted by RM Auctions. This international event will be held on the museum premises, and will give many the opportunity to own some of America’s rarest two-wheeled marvels and related memorabilia from the first 100 years of America’s motorcycling.