Sunday, May 4, 2008

Mexican Blankets and Shrunken Heads

Well, I've been thinking about how I can "affordably" redo the interior of my 50 Chevy. I need a couple of panels for the rear interior and I don't really like the grey "suede" look of the door panels. The seat covers are also a bit worn too. All in all, the only thing I like about the interior is the dash...and it would look a lot better with some ol' skool pinstriping.

I like the look Mexican blankets bring to the interior of a hot rod. It certainly livens up the interior with bold stripes of color. I even like the look of Mexican blankets as covering on the door panels.

Since my 50 Chevy is metallic blue with a cream hardtop, I'm not really sure if I would rather go with blankets that are shades of blue (like the one pictured above), or really make a "statement" with a really bright palette of color (like the blanket pictured below).

I've been pricing blankets on eBay, but I have an aunt and several cousins that are spread out through New Mexico and Southern California. I've emailed my aunt to see what kind of deal she can get on blankets for me. At any rate, I think this is the route I'd like to go with the interior. I think it will look great with the shrunken head a buddy of mine gave me to hang from the rearview mirror!

What do you think?