Saturday, May 3, 2008

Car Show in Greensfork, IN

This beautiful blue Chevrolet Truck was the first vehicle I noticed when I pulled into the Dutch Fea Market Area were the show was held.

Well, the weather was overcast and rainy again this morning (Saturday, May 3, 2008). Planned to get up early, get the 50 Chevy cleaned up and head over to Greensfolk, IN. I got a flyer last weekend in Richmond about a 4th Annual car show to benefit a family of a 18-year old boy who was killed.
This Model A panel was a nice restoration from Ohio.

At any rate, the skies were too dark for my liking, so we took my 2002 Impala instead...and I'm certainly glad we did. The field in which the show was held had standing puddles from the rain we received last night and this morning. It was pretty windy too.

There was a surprise under the hood of this one!

I'm guessing if I took the Chevy, I might have won one of the several trophies that were to be given away. I was disappointed in the small number of what I would consider "cruise in worthy" vehicles. Probably 1/3 to 1/2 of the vehicles were late model Japanese "tuners" in various stages of completion.
I'm not into the whole tuner/lowrider scene, but had to snap this shot from the rear of an Chevrolet Astro Van that was "in the weeds".

My oldest son and I only spent about an hour looking over the cars we were interested in. Then we hopped back in the Impala and made a trip to Burger King before heading for home.
I've always liked the looks of late 40's Chevrolet pickup trucks.

On the way home, we stopped at a junkyard that I pass every day to and from work. I thought I spotted a couple of 1949-50 Chevys in the mix, and I needed a rear side glass (my passenger side glass has a couple of cracks). Pictures and a description from this adventure will appear in a later blog post. More pictures from this show will appear later as well.