Saturday, May 31, 2008

Cool Site and Other Stuff...

I really like the flat Aztec Gold and Black on this Chevy

Today I was surfin' the net looking for sites containing information about 1950 Chevys. While doing so....I ran across a site called The site isn't completely finished yet....sounds like the site's webmaster has loads of great plans tech tips, etc. However the site DOES contain a BOAT load of great stuff! If you are interested in 1949-54 Chevys, this site is definitely one to bookmark in your favorites!

There are several photo galleries, one gallery alone contain over 650 photos of 49-54 Chevrolets! The site also contains loads and loads of links to other great sites. Again, I would encourage any lover of early 50's Chevys to check it out! (I've made that very easy by providing a link at the bottom of this site....just find it and CLICK!)

While at the site, I ran across some photographs of some chevrolets with some sic graphics. I would really like to add something to the exterior of my chevy to give it a bit more eye appeal. I get a lot of positive comments about the color of my car, but it looks a bit plain. I've been tossing around the idea of laying down some flames, but I'm really liking the look of some well placed narrow scallops. Here are a few photos that caught my eye.

Love these flames! If I go this route, I definitely like the old school flames that extend across the top of the car.

I REALLY like this! Very simple yet very cool. These scallops look like they would be pretty easy to lay down as my first custom automotive paint project. I've layed flames and scallops on things like mailboxes and my kids batting helmets, but haven't taken the "plunge" to my cars.

These scallops look pretty simple too.

This scheme is more of a paneled look. Looks like a little more than I want to do.

This is a little more fact not sure you can still call these "scallops".

Pretty classy looking scallops on this black Chevrolet. Notice the scallops on the hood intersect.

Drove my Chevy to school on the last day for students. It was the longest distance I've driven the car since I've had it...(about 100 miles roundtrip). No problems and the staff/student reaction was very positive. The coolest thing was the response from parents. We had an award ceremony and 8th grade graduation the last two hours of the day. After the program, several parents talked to me about my car. The coolest thing was that the mother of one of our 8th graders and I spent about 20 minutes or so discussing cars and racing....very cool! Turns out, she has a 54 chevy that she and her husband are working on...As she commented, "It will have a traditional "rat rod" look, but be all business under the hood". Can't wait to see it! I also found out that she races cars (not drag, but oval track) and will be featured in the next issue of Ol' Skool Rodz for a new product that she has invented. She has her own vinyl graphics business and has invented some sort of template to help do-it-yourselfers lay pinstriping on their rides. Can't wait to learn more about that as well.

No area shows this weekend. Haven't finalized any plans...but the Goodguys Indy Nationals are next weekend. Need to things....1) Good weather 2) An understand wife!

Have a GREAT week!