Sunday, May 11, 2008

Cruise-in Blues.....

I was driving the Chevy to a cruise in on Saturday in my 1950 Chevrolet and the generator pulley disintegrated. Basically it came apart down the center of the pulley and the teeth of the pulley fan broke off...flying everywhere. Fortunately, I was only a couple miles from my parents' house, so I made it there safely. Dad had a spare generator, but when we replaced it and started the car, I had an oil leak in the line running from the external oil filter to the block. I think one of the "flying pulley teeth" might have cut it. Guess I wasn't supposed to take the car to the show! HA!

So we went ahead and went to the show, my car is sitting behind my dad's 1947 Chevy in his garage until I can find the parts I need and get it back on the road. I'm not having any luck finding a replacement hose, I'm thinking I'll probably have to run a copper line.

I did take a few pictures at the show. The show was held in the Kroger parking lot in Greenville, Ohio. It was hosted by the Rolling 50's Classic Car Club.

I need meet the owner of this nice 1949 Chevrolet. Talked "car talk" with him for a while. I really like the Offenhauser manifold, twin carbs and duel exhausts. The car had some small custom features that were really nice as headlights, frenched antenna, shaved trunk handle, etc.

I've got lots of pictures, keep coming back throughout the week! Have a great week and keep looking forward to the weekend!