Wednesday, May 14, 2008

An apology to Suede and Chrome Readers!

First of all, I'd like to apology for my lack of postings over the past week. I've certainly had some interesting events (see below.)

The Rolling 50's Car Club had an annual Cruise-In in the parking lot of Kroger Grocery in Greenville, Ohio last weekend. I had planned this to be the first cruise-in that I took the 50 Chevy. Greenville is about a 40-50 mile drive from my house, and I had planned to go there via my parents home. The plan was to drive to dad's house and pick him up and then go to the show.

I actually drove the car throughout the day on Saturday. First, I drove my daughter's to softball practice, then I drove the car to Muncie, Indiana to the Southside Walmart to grab a case of motor oil to change the oil in 2002 Impala.

Finally, I took off late Saturday afternoon toward Union City. About 2 miles from my father's house, the car begins making a noise like something was in the fan. I then heard what appeared to be pieces of something bouncing around under the hood and actually felt something hit against the floorboard under my feet!

I managed to get the car to my parents' house, and when I popped the hood, I quickly noticed that the pulley on the generator had split in half! Not only that, but the blades from the pulley fan were mostly missing. It was obvious that this had been the sounds I had heard. In fact, one of these flying pieces actually cut through the oil hose to the external oil filter. Although my father had another generator, we were not able to find a way to rig up the external oil filter hoses to take the car to Greenville.

In fact, my car is still sitting in my father's garage, behind his 1947 Chevrolet coupe. I haven't had the opportunity to work on the car because I am currently in Washington D.C. chaperoning the 8th grade class on a field trip through the end of the week. I did speak to my father via the cell phone this evening and he informed me that he went ahead and bought some new fittings and a piece of copper tubing and was able to replace the hose this evening.

Hopefully, the car will be ready for the car show in Arcanum, Ohio this Sunday afternoon.

p.s....We did make it "carless" to the show in Greenville last weekend. I was able to take several pictures and plan on posting them upon my return.