Sunday, May 18, 2008

Some New Updates to My '50 Chevrolet

Well, my Arizona connection flew into Indiana Friday. He is a former student of mine and a friend of the family. I had called him a couple of weeks ago to see if he could get me a deal on some Mexican blankets and he told me that he could not only get them, but he and his wife had made plans to fly home to surprise his mother (Mother's Day) and his younger sister who graduated from college this past weekend.

Well, here are the first pictures taken of the blankets after I laid them on the seats of the car this afternoon. I've got a third blanket. I don't know if I should redo the front seat and use one blanket to cover the seat and one to completely cover the back of the front seat....OR my original idea was to use it to redo my door panels and rear interior panels.

For now though....I think the blankets really brighten up the interior and are an easy way to give the interior a custom look.
Another thing I did this week was purchase some cool "bullet hole" decals on eBay. When I got the car, I noticed there was a couple of spots on the hood where the paint had cracked. There were also a couple of rock chips here and there. Well...bullet hole decals are an inexpensive and "fun" way to easily cover a scratch.

I haven't been able to get a good picture of it yet, but my wife had found some "pimp my ride" decals clearanced at Target the other day. She brought them home and gave them to me...but I really couldn't think of a good use for them. as not to disappoint the wife...(I just thought it was awesome she actually bought me something for my car!)...I decided to use the small letter decals to put the web address to this site across the center of the rear bumper. Now when I take the car to cruise-ins or just drive it around town, I can hopefully bring a few new readers to this site.