Saturday, February 23, 2008

You Say You Want More Local Coverage? can't get more local than this.

Man I look forward to Thursdays. It's the day that the new Indiana Auto & RV is delivered to the local gas station. Indiana Auto & RV is a Free weekly publication that lists photographs and descriptions of cars for sale in the state of Indiana. My son and I love to look through it each week. My wife has actually become the area "distributor". She usually picks up at least 6 sets of the publication. (even though it says "limit one" on the cover). She then takes them to a couple of older guys in town, and brings a few sets to church on Sunday morning for my father and a couple other guys.
This thing has grown over the years to a weekly circulation of 104,000! The company has been expanding over the past couple of years and now has publications in Tennessee, Kentucky, Illinois, Ohio, Michigan, and Wisconsin.
At any rate. This week I noticed a bill for an auction just a few miles from my house. Looks like the thing is happening next weekend. Hopefully, I can get over there and see what's happening. I'll try to take a camera and capture the event, then post to this blog.
Looking at the sale bill, I'm most interested in the old Chevrolet. The bill lists a 1947 Coupe, but the Chevrolet in the picture looks like a 1940 to me. A '40 Chevy would make a great rod. If you are into mid-70's cars, looks like there are a few potential "projects" that will be auctioned too.
for more information about the auction, check out: