Friday, February 8, 2008


I spent the day today touring a couple of brand new schools in the state of Ohio. Those who live in Ohio may know that the state of Ohio formed the OFSC about 8 to 10 years ago. At that time, they ranked every school community in the state based on the condition of their aging facilities and the general economic need of the community. Based on this list, the OFSC began funding new school building projects to replace Ohio's aging schools. Many of the districts around our's have already been replaced over the past 8 years. Our "number" came up last year, and we had to pass a school building levy to help with the project. In our situation, the state will fund 64% of the cost of a new building, if the community can come up with the other 36%.

As a building principal in the district, I along with the other school administrators, representative teachers from each building, community members, and a couple of high school students are part of the district design team. Over the next year, we will be meeting on a weekly basis with the project architects to design a PK-12 building. We will be directly involved with everything from the layout of the grounds and building, right down to the color choices of the school furnishings. Over the past month, we have visited four new schools in the state to look at different designs.

By now, you are probably asking yourself..."what the heck does this have to do with the theme of this blog?!?!?". Well....bear with me. On the drive home (about an hour everyday back to good ole' Indiana), I got to thinking about the furnishings I've seen in some of the administrators' new offices. I will have an office that is almost triple the size of my current space. (My building was built in 1926 and the administrative space is less than adequent.) Anyway...I saw a lot of sports related memorabilia in one principal's office that we visited today. I got to thinking..."If money was no issue, what would I buy to furnish my new office?" (Currently, I have some large framed pictures of a 1956 and a 1957 chevrolet, a framed poster from the Auburn Cord Duesenberg Museum, and a framed BF Goodrich poster of a radical '32 Ford roadster...along with a few other automotive collectibles.)

Anyway...I've pictured a few "DREAM OFFICE" items. Have you every seen a desk made from a front clip of a 57 Chevrolet or a 50 Cadillac? These things are awesome! How about a couch that looks like the rear section of a 57 Chevrolet or a 59 Caddy? While I'm at about a reproduction gas pump with lighted glass display shelves? Any good office needs a few neon wall hangings or a Polly Gasoline neon clock! And what about a "Rally" racing desk chair? How cool would THIS office be? My office would absolutely ROCK!

Hey....I've only listed about 10 grand worth of office furnishings....HA! Guess I'll stick with my current stuff and keep dreamin'!