Friday, February 15, 2008

Cruise In Pics from the Archives

I'm currently setting in my office, taking a break from chaperoning a middle school dance. Nothing like a old, small gym built in 1926 filled with smelly junior high kids listening to bad music at high decibels! HA! Hard to believe we all went through that awkward 12-14 year old stage. Had to retreat to my office, turn on some rockabilly, and do a little bloggin'!

Looking through my files, I ran across some old photographs. Some of these may have been posted in some very early blog entries...but I'm not sure. Thought I would post all that I found and try to give a little background on each.

This series of photographs was taken at the Ducktail Run in Gas City, Indiana a couple of years ago. The guy in the picture is "Count Kennedy". This guy is a real crowd pleaser. Each year, he dresses like a Vampire and drives in to the Cruise-In in a Hearse complete with multiple flamethrowers. He even has a couple of trailers made from caskets that throw flames as well. (One year, I saw him drive in, park, get out of the car, walk around back, and open one of the casket/trailers to reveal his wife dressed as the bride of Frankenstein....too funny!) The last few times I've seen him, he has had the little "bat scooter" pictured in the last two photos. This thing throws LONG propane trails of flame....The guy seems to delight in pleasing the crowd, as he usually stands on the top of his hearse with a remote, shooting flames while someone drives him around the ball diamond where the flamethrowing takes place. Didn't see him there this past year....hope he will be back next year. May have been protesting, as organizers banned flamethrowing anywhere but during the contest.

This set of photos shows some real creativity. The owner took a set of 63 Corvette rear windows and grafted them into the hood of his Oldsmobile to show off the "Rocket" within....Absolutely cool.
I've seen this car at a few shows over the past few years....lots of detail and chrome....very sic!

At this particular show, they still allowed the flame throwers to cruise around and let their pipes rattle! I believe the car pictured above belongs to a guy from a local club called the "Pyromaniacs".

Sorry....can't help it. Even though I love vintage cars from the 30's, 40's and 50's, I do enjoy seeing some of the rides from the 60's and early 70's that I've been seeing creeping into shows of late. That is as long as they've been "done right"!
What can I say....I'm a sucker for scallops and wide whites! Like the dummy spotlights too!

Aaaah yes....Now that's more like it! Here are just a few of the cars that had me droolin' at this show. I'm not sure, but I think some of these photos were taken at a show in Lima, OH, while some may have been taken at a few shows in Indiana.