Wednesday, February 20, 2008

New Features!

I've added a couple of new features to "Suede and Chrome". Along the right side of the blog viewers will find a survey and a "Rust Queen of the Month". I'd like to get more response and interaction with those who are reading this blog.

Survey Questions

Each survey question will have a limited window of opportunity for response. Please take the time to respond to the survey questions. Your input will help me improve this site. This week's question is...How can Suede and Chrome be Improved? There are a few choices. If you have other ideas, please feel free to go to my profile and click on my email. If you think you've got a great idea....Email me!

Rust Queen of the Month

One part of Kustom Kulture is the "Rust Queen". This is NOT a derogatory term, but a term of endearment to those girls who enjoy attending car shows, wearing vintage clothing, etc. A lot of the "image" comes from vintage pinup and nose art of the 1940's and 1950's (see my earlier blog post on nose art.) I am currently surfing the Internet looking for the next "Suede and Chrome Rust Queen of the Month". If you have a photo you would like to submit, please email me....Remember, keep it clean, there are kiddos that enjoy reading "Suede and Chrome"!

Hot Rods and Bikes

I'd also like to start featuring Traditional Hot rods and bikes of readers. If you have some photographs of your ride, or pictures you've taken at a car show or cruise-in in your area, I'd like to hear from you. Drop me an email daddio!