Thursday, February 21, 2008

"Cool" Can Happen In Other Rooms Besides the Garage!

Just finished repainting our kitchen the other day. It is now a nice warm terra cota. My wife is wanting to replace the refrigerator and stove as well. I was surfing the Net tonight and found an awesome company that makes awesome retro appliances. They currently produce and sell retro refrigerators and stoves in a variety of stock and custom colors. Rumor has it they will soon add a retro dishwasher as well. Guess this is the company that made the fridge and stove on the new Rachel Ray set. I think the orange refrigerator and stove would look great in our new warm terra cota kitchen. Check out the site at:
The only doesn't always come cheap. The refrigerators start at $2695.00 and the stoves at $3995.00. Hey! Cool can happen in other rooms besides the garage!