Saturday, December 1, 2007

Rust Queen

Well, just when you think you know learn something new. Today, while surfin' the net for rat rod related pics/information/stories/etc. I ran across a term I had never heard..."RUST QUEEN". This term is used to describe the retro, tattooed girls that are typically pictured in magazines with this type of car.

I've actually began to see girls that look like this popping up at cruise-ins and car shows over the last few years as the popularity of traditional, low-budget hot rods has increased.
These girls are kind of a mix of Betty Page, 50's pinup girl, and motorcycle grunge. The leopard prints and heels are nice...(my own wife enjoys wearing both), but all the tats are a bit too much for my taste. :) (wonder if my wife will mind if I start referring to her as a "Rust Queen"? LOL!

Today, I found a site that is selling "Rust Queen" 2008 calendars. You can check it out at: