Thursday, November 29, 2007

Billy Gibbons and his Hotrods

Hey....many of you may know Billy Gibbons as one of the trio that forms legendary rock band ZZ Top. But did you know this guy has a car collection? I've attached a youtube video in the previous post. If you can't get it to load, double click on it and a new window should open and take you directly to the video on

I've attached a few pictures of Billy's more famous rides including the Eliminator Coupe, Cadzilla, Slampala, and a few others. I like the picture to the left, because until I found it on the Internet...I had never seen a photograph, interview and or video of Billy without his "cheap sunglasses". (Billy...I'm diggin' the beard, but what is up with that thing you've been wearin' on your head in recent years?!?!!?