Monday, December 17, 2007

More Pictures from Goodguy Nationals @ IRP 2001

This truck appeared on the cover of Classic Trucks after we saw this one at Indy. I did have an "eye" for traditional rods 6 years ago.

This old Ford was a favorite of my sons.

Old Chevys with wide-whites are VERY cool!

This is a nice looking Willys

Another Chevy for Dad's inspection!

Told you wagons could be cool!

Another panoramic view.

If memory serves me, I asked the owner of this car what the official name of this color was...the answer was "Retina Burn"!

Having some difficulty with my computer tonight. For some reason, every time the phone rings, I get kicked off of my wireless. Doesn't make sense and it is really annoying!

At any rate, thought I'd get back on here and try to upload some more pictures from the Goodguys Nats that I found in some old files. The last couple of years, everyone has been working, taking classes, or too busy to head down to Indianapolis. Hopefully this year will be different. It would be nice to think that one of these days, I will be able to drive my own rod to the event. For now I'll keep dreaming.