Monday, December 24, 2007

The Golden Rule...

1949 Chevy fleetline kustom built along time ago, some updates, driven daily until the snow falls.
BODY:color is Zenith gold satin with stripes from MR. FINLEY, chopped 4.5 - 5", 54 windshield cut down, vent windows, straight post, shaved drip rails and door handles, hood is welded up - extended - rounded corners, kustom grill made of the old hood edge with I think old spots for marking/turns, olds frenched headlights, the trunk has had the most work done - all the work is still visible from the underside very very kool, packard tail lights, quarters and skirts have had alot done as well - one off skirts - heavy guage and fit very nice, quarters were widened when the skirts were being made, very rust free, car was in southern Kansas untill last year then stored when it snows up here.
INTERIOR: 55' chevy dash with newer dakota digital insert, 59' olds wheel, center console with switches for headlights, A/C blower ect.. newer cd player (ran out of tapes to play), fronts seats are Gremlin yes Gremlin, the rear is a Riviera with the speaker grill in the middle, windows go up and down, wipers are electric, all guages work,
DRIVELINE: 250 chevy six, progressive 2-barrel, HEI ignition, split manifold with STRAIGHT PIPES!! one of the best sounds ever!!! HAS WON SEVERAL"RAP CONTESTS", 3-speed to a 60's nova rear with a good gear for highway. 26mpg doing 60-70 on a 1000 mile trip.
SUSPENSION: 3" spindle drop, 4"posies rear leaves, 3" blocks, 200psi air shocks, nice ride and you can drop the axle to the frame for the tail dragger look,
WHEELS/TIRES: Original wheels in excellent shape, newer 6.70's (original size) they tuck up there perfectly no rub, comes with original caps NOT with the caddy caps pictured!!
THE GOLDEN RULE (do onto others as you want done on to yourself) why not?
The car was built many years ago and has been enjoyed everyone of them, never parked and forgot about like so many. She has been from coast to coast, in many magazines, and used as a summertime daily driver. Even has rear seatbelts for the carseat.

Once again I'm wishing I had some extra $$ sitting around. This ride is currently for sale on eBay this week. The car has some really interesting features. Flat, metalflake gold paint, shaved chrome, custom truck lid, custom grille, and custom tail lights are just a few. The interior is pretty wicked as well. Custom seats, wide whitewall tires and exterior pinstriping make this thing scream hot rod. This thing really wants to come to Indiana! (currently $15,099.00 !!!!) Yikes!