Friday, December 28, 2007

Caprice Wagon

I had been after a neighbor to sell me his 1991-1996 Chevrolet Caprice wagon for several years. He always told me it was one of his favorite cars to drive (this from a man who owned 3 vintage Mustangs!). At any rate, every time I asked him, he would laugh and tell me again how much he liked it and the story of how he had searched everywhere for one in as good as shape as his was.

Well, my neighbor passed away last year, and his wife had an auction. She sold all his vintage Mustangs and an old "K" car, but kept the wagon. I had sort of forgotten about the car until I got a phone call today. My wife had seen that my neighbor's widow had the wagon sitting out for sale in her driveway. To my amazement, my wife had taken it upon herself to call about the car BEFORE she even talked to me. The lady was returning her call.

Bottom line, she is asking $1500.00, but would consider other offers. It was raining pretty hard today, and I was in the middle of a "painting" project (kitchen is getting a fresh color) so I didn't get over to look at it. I'm thinking I might go over tomorrow and check it out. Last time I looked it over, it was in great conditon, however I'm guessing as most of those wagons have...this thing probably has boo-coo miles on it. Never the less, I've always liked the looks of the 1991-96 wagons, especially when they have been customized. It doesn't really take much to make them even cooler. I googled a search tonight and came up with the Internet photographs shown throughout this posting.

I am REALLY liking the paint scheme that is like a vintage Chevrolet Nomad. I'm wondering what it would cost to get a similar paint scheme on the neighbor's car. By the looks of these photographs, a lower stance, some low profile rims and tires, and an Impala SS grille and the car wouldn't even need a different paint job!