Thursday, February 10, 2011

ZZZZZ-28 Build

This is another model from the Deals Wheels series called the "ZZZZZ-28". I got this one from a friend, and it's a re-issue from the 80's. It was in real bad shape and all I got was the body, chassis, and the interior floor. The body had a big chunk missing out of the lower edge of the drivers side door.
I had to make a piece of plastic to replace the missing piece of the body, and I had to shape it to match the passenger side. Originally the car had a hole in the hood where a blower was supposed to be. I had this idea to build a spoof of Bill "Grumpy" Jenkins' pro stock 70 Camaro with this kit. So I made a "grump-lump" hood scoop and molded it to the hood. I sprayed the body with gloss white and then clear lacquer. I took a tunnel ram and dual carbs from my parts box and put it under the scoop and I added fuel lines to the carbs.
I used a rear axle, ladder bars, back rims, slicks and the shadow base from another cartoonish style model kit made by Polar Lights. The front rims and tires came from my parts box, and I made the front axle out of a piece of steel coat hanger. I made the headers out of a set of chrome pipes from a 1:18 scale diecast muscle machine. The interior got painted flat black, and another friend of mine sent me the driver figure (which was original to this kit). I painted up the driver (which is nothing more than a head and 2 hands) and put him in the interior.
Another friend of mine sent me a set of good windows for it, so I wouldn't have to make them. Yet another friend of mine made up the decals for it, and I wanted them to be funny, but still give the idea of  it being the Grumpy Jenkins pro stocker. Since he always named his cars "Grumpys Toy" we decided on the name ""Da Grump" for the doors. On the rear 1/4 panels, all of Grumpys cars said "Jenkins Engineering" so we came up with "Junky Engineering" just to be funny.
Once again...kool stuff Rob!!!!! Thanks for sharing! I'll finish out the Rob Riley build coverage in tomorrow's post with the most unusual build that he sent me. You won't want to miss it.