Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Well, I've seen their stuff over the past couple of years at area shows. If you've ever seen the SpeedCult display, you know what I'm talking about...LOTS and LOTS of kool stuff cut with a plasma cutter. Everything from skulls to tikis, they've got tons of it, and sell it by the pound.

Well, our car club just purchased some AWESOME plasma cut pieces from the guys at SpeedCult and plan to use them to build this year's handbuilt trophies for the Millville Run @ the Wilbur Wright Birthplace Museum. These things are absolutely SIC! Can't wait to have our club brothers at Custom Metal Finishers in Hagerstown chrome and polish these bad boys! Check out the pictures I took when I unwrapped them.

For more information, check out SpeedCult's website at: