Saturday, February 12, 2011

Another Kool Social Network...

O.k...tired of MySpace and Facebook? The H.A.M.B. even getting stale for ya? Well, ran across a couple of cool new Social Networks in the past month that I thought I would share with Suede and Chrome readers.

Hot Rod Revival
Many of you may have noticed the link along the right column of this site that appeared last month. During a day of Internet Surfing (totally righteous waves dude), I ran across a social site called: Hot Rod Revival. Hot Rod Revival is a site for those that love traditional hotrods. Not only is there lots of cool stuff in this community concerning pre-63 tin, there is also a lot of cool stuff concerning kustom kulture lifestyle as well. There are also tabs for everything from artists, a tech page, events page, and a builders page. It definitely gets 5 Suede and Chrome wrenches and deserves a look! Check it out at:

 Rat Rod Bikes
Another very cool social network that I've ran across recently is Rat Rod Bikes. Initially, when a friend of mine told me about it, I thought it was a site for motorcycle enthusiasts. However, upon checking the site out for myself, I realized it was a site dedicated to a growing group...those into restoring, preserving, and building antique bicycles. The site has a great forum and many links for those looking for specific bike parts. Again, this site gets 5 Suede and Chrome wrenches and is worth checking out. Both sites require uses to register (both are free). Check out Rat Rod Bikes at: