Sunday, February 6, 2011

Awesome Rambler Wagon Model!

Yet another VERY KOOL Rob Riley build:
"Here's one that I built for a contest that was themed "surf rods".
This is a reissue of a Johan 59 rambler wagon kit. This model came with no engine and the hood is molded closed. Johan used to make some of the dealership promo models and this kit was one of them (but it's a reproduction from the late 90's).
I cut a hole in the hood and built a recessed box under it to mount the blower to so it looks like there is an engine in the car. On top of the blower there is an injection unit with a "Speedy Bill" style shotgun scoop on top.
I painted the body with lime-gold paint and clear coated it. I put some wood grain decals on the sides of the car to give it a "surf-woody" feel. I added a set of slicks to the rear and a set of Cragar S.S. mags. I made up a set of fender well headers for it, and stuck them to the inner fenders. 
The dashboard and steering wheel are painted the same lime-gold color as the body. The rest of the interior is flat black. There are 2 chrome moon tanks in the back of the interior and the windows are slightly tinted green.  The surfboards are painted, but the graphics on them are decals. I added some old surf shop decals to the rear window, and put on a custom license plate decal that I made."