Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Miss Deal: Studebaker Gasser Model by Rob Riley

Once again, it is a real treat and honor to be able to post some of my buddy's work. Rob builds some really wicked models! Thanks again Rob for sharing this stuff...it's killer!
This one is a Studebaker altered wheel base funny car that is built right out of the box.  This is an old kit that was produced in the late 70's if I remember correctly. It was re-issued sometime in the 90's and that's what kit this one was built from.
 The only modification I made to it was to the headers. They would not fit right as they were so I had to modify the ends that mount to the engine to get them to sit at the right angle.
The chassis is painted with candy gold and clear coated. The body is sprayed with a very high metallic silver base color, and then candy apple red was sprayed over it followed by clear.
 The kit doesn't come with windows, it comes with some flat plastic sheet that you have to cut the windows out of. It only comes with enough to do the front windshield and the rest of windows are supposed to be left open (which is how I built it.) The body lifts up like a funny car, but the hood also comes off.
 This would be the perfect model to replicate the "Suicide King" Studebaker owned by Gene Cook.
** Suicide King photo found on the H.A.M.B. posted by Nate**