Friday, February 11, 2011

The Tortoise that GOT the Hare!

Ok this one is a bit off the wall, but there is a story behind it, like everything else that I do. I built this model out of spare parts, and a plastic toy turtle that I picked up for $1.00.
 The story behind it is that when I was in 4th or 5th grade (around 1978 or so), I would constantly draw cars. I also liked to watch cartoons like most kids. Well, there is a Bugs Bunny cartoon that tells the story of "The Tortoise and the Hare" that I really liked to watch. In that cartoon, there is a scene where the turtle lifts up his shell to show of an engine that he has hidden under it. Well, I started drawing pictures of that turtle, but I added a blower, 4 wheels, zoomie pipes and a parachute. This model is a recreation of that drawing that I did.
The turtle itself has a plastic shell with a soft plastic head. I cut off his legs, and added a chrome Ford 9 inch rear axle, and a straight axle in the front with a transverse leaf spring and radius rods. I cut a hole in the shell and added a blower with injection and fuel lines. I cut slots in the sides of the shell for the zoomie pipes to stick out. I put a set of slicks on the rear and a nice set of 5 spoke mags all the way around. I even put a parachute on the back of his shell to help him slow down.
This was just a fun thing to build, and It brought back memories of that picture that I drew way back in grade school. I call it "bad-as-shell", and I think it's the perfect name.
Well, I hope Suede and Chrome readers have enjoyed the coverage and attention given to Rob Riley's models over the past few weeks. It has certainly brought some sunshine to a couple of dismissal winter weeks in "my neighborhood"! Thanks again Rob for the cool stories and photographs!

Weather permitting, I'll be traveling with the crew from the Righteous Rodders to the Indianapolis Autorama and Motorama 1962 today!!!! Looking forward to LOTS and LOTS of cool stuff....and as always, I'll have my cameras in tow!!! Have a GREAT day!