Friday, February 18, 2011

2011 Motorama 1962

Over the past few years in the Midwest, folks have come to equate the Indy Road Rockets with COOL. Seems that everything they touch oozes with coolness. Whether it's their Road Rocket Rumble in June, their Nostalgic Drag Races in October or the Motorama 1962 in February...I ALWAYS enjoy attending ANYTHING they bless with their name and presence.
This year's Motorama proved no exception. Bigger than ever, the Motorama is DEFINITELY what I'm willing to pay my $12.00 to see. The Autorama is just additional "fluff" that comes in the package.

Filled with pre-1963 cars built "traditionally", the Motorama seems to grow bigger each year and draw crowds that rival those that come to see the Autorama. Come back over the next few days for lots more coverage of this year's Motorama 1963.