Monday, February 21, 2011

Motorama: Diggin' These Scallops!

O.k....I've seen this Chevy a time or two at area shows....maybe the last time was last May down in Beatersville. Anyway...I absolutely LOVE the scallops on the front and rear fenders.
This is DEFINITELY what I'd like to do to the Nifty Fifty prior to our club's 2nd Annual Wheels for Williams show on May 14th. In fact, I've already contacted a buddy of mine about helping me with the project...the man can REALLY "pull the lines."

I'm thinking I'd like the scallops to be an off-white biege to match the top of my car, and the outlining pinstripes to be tiki green to match the pinstriping I already have on the car. W.D.R.T.? (What Do Readers Think?)