Monday, November 9, 2009

Who let the Ratz Out? More pics from Hunnert

Well Katz and Kittenz, if it's ratz you like, then Hunnert was the place for you. Lots of kool rat rods splatter throughout the pre-63 traditionally built hot rods.

Check out the homebuilt SQUARE header tubes on this rat rod!

I'm not sure either. I thought I overheard one of the guys standing in the picture below say something about a diesel engine from a tractor. If any reader can identify this engine, I'm SURE others (including myself) would be interested in learning more.
Editor's Note: Surfing other posts about the 2009 Hunnert Car Pile Up, I found the following comments about this engine: 1) "a Magirus-Deutz diesel in an American ratrod?? Like seeing a Russian army truck driving in the streets of Tokyo!" 2) "..after I saw this video and asked what kind of motor that was, I saw one at a constuction site just behind my backyard where I am restoring my 63 impala. That same engine is on a big water pumper trailer. It looks brand new and wierd how I saw it just after being curious about the one in this video. They run that pump all day and night, I think it said on the data tag, 172 HP at 2300 RPM." 3) "Magirus-Deutz were one of the marques that founded IVECO in 1975. Magirus is a very old maker of fire equipment to this day, and is now IVECO's fire engine division. Deutz makes diesel engines, the most famous being air-cooled ones like shown here. Many cylinder numbers and sizes including V6 and V8, and even V10 engines. Ship diesels and other bigger engines were/are also made. But I didnt think they existed outside Europe, trucks and heavier stuff is often locally produced in either place."

Still lots more to come from the Pile Up in the month ahead! Ya'll come back now, ya hear? lol