Friday, November 13, 2009

Double Shot from Hunnert for My Dad

Well, in honor of my father's birthday today, thought I'd post a "double shot" of Hunnert Pile Up pictures.

Wow...I REALLY liked this polished aluminum bodied stepvan! Wish I would have gotten a better picture. It even had a propellor for a front bumper!

This Chevrolet was one of the nicest, cleanest rides at the show. I think I remember it being featured in an issue of Ol' Skool Rodz this past year.

The owner of this '50 Chevy stayed in the hotel next to our's in Joliet. Always like checking out another '50!

YES IT IS! Looking over this pickup, I can honestly say that I think it is the first former Old Navy truck that I've actually seen at a car show!

Well...that's it until tomorrow. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD! Hope you've had a great one. My only question is, "Why are you sitting at your computer reading my blog when you could be out celebrating another year?" lol