Saturday, November 7, 2009

More from Morris, IL. Post #6

It was kool to see a couple of pedal cars at the show. Most avid Suede and Chrome readers probably know that I have 3 pedal cars. The newest edition is an old Murray that needs restored. Seeing this pedal car gave me some ideas. Scallops are kool!

I think I remember seeing this Shoebox before at the Detroit Autorama. I love the contrast between the black exterior and the mint green firewall.

Haven't even scratched the surface of the pictures I took at this year's Pile Up. Keep checking back daily to see more. If you know anything about any of the cars pictured, their owners, where they are from, or the club they belong to, feel free to leave a comment. Heck, if ya just have a comment about a post, feel free to leave a comment.