Sunday, November 29, 2009

2009 Vintage Wheels Indoor Show in Richmond, Indiana Post #1

Well, I've lost track of the number of years I've been going over to the Wayne County Fairgrounds in Richmond, Indiana for the Vintage Wheels Indoor Show. It's the "last hoorah" around this part of the Midwestern United States, and for me signifies the end of "car season".

The cool thing about this show is that A LOT of guys drive there cars to the show (in fact...I drove the Nifty Fifty over this year). So you get to see some great cars in the parking area before you even pay to get inside.

It's my understanding that the cars on the side are there "by invitation" of the car club that hosts the show. The cost if $5 to get in, but the Tom Raper building is usually packed tight with cool this cool '32 Ford roadster.

Here are a few more pictures of cars that were outside. Many of them were area guys that drove to the show. However some of them belong to the club that hosts the show. They park all of their cars right outside the door of the Tom Raper building so you can check them out as you go in. Lots more pictures to come from inside the Tom Raper building at the Wayne County Fairgrounds. Thanks for stopping by. See you again tomorrow.