Friday, November 13, 2009

Suede and Chrome Extra: New Pony in the Club...

Well, there is another pony in the Righteous Rodders corral. Fellow club member Jim Canfield recently bought this rare 1960 Ford Panel truck. I'm not "up" on Ford panels, but I've been told this was the last year Ford built one.

Jim plans to work on this truck while he drives it, and since he owns a chrome plating business, a complete chrome "overhaul" is the first upgrade on the list.

The truck has a big block under the hood with a C4 transmission and dual exhausts. While the body is a bit rough, the truck is a driver. Jim and his sons plan to work on the body while using it as a shop truck.

Right now, the panel has some retro 70s bubble windows in the panel area. Jim is thinking he would like to remove them, to give more room for his company logo. While Jim is thinking, his oldest son Josh has been playing around with photo"chop" to create some digital renderings of HIS ideas. (see below).