Saturday, January 26, 2008

Why Not Go Unique

Have you ever been to a car show and gotten a bit tired of seeing the "standard" many '32 Fords and '57 Chevys can a guy take? Sometimes its nice seeing something that is unique. Even though the '32 Fords and '57 Chevys will draw attention at any show, the unique rides seem to draw the same, if not more, attention. Case in point...a few years ago, I saw an awesome DeSoto with a Viper engine at a cruise-in in Greenville, Ohio. Since then, it has been featured in Street Rodder, and I've seen it at several other shows. The car is very unique, and always draws a lot of attention.

So when looking for a cruiser that you plan to take to shows, why not go unique? This morning, while surfing eBay, I ran across this 1953 JAGUAR MK VII CUSTOM 5 PASSENGER HOT ROD! This thing has a Chevrolet 350, a chevy rear end, and Mustang II IFS. How much attention do you think this thing would draw at the local cruise-in. Heck...even the wife might enjoy cruising around in a vintage luxury vehicle. The car currently hasn't met it's reserve (current bid is $5100.00). Check it out, I think the winner will definitely get one cool ride.