Saturday, January 12, 2008

Suede and Chrome Gets a Makeover!

Well Kats...2007 is dead and gone. Thought it was a great time to get rid of the tired old look of this website. I've been posting to this blog since 2006. Over the years, things have changed here and there as I've fiddled with learning how to use this site. Today, I decided to clean the blog up a bit by changing templates. I think the results are a much cleaner, professional look.

Well, by the looks of my counter, this site is getting more hits daily. Lots of Kats eyeballin' my place, but few are leaving any signs of their visit. Sure would be nice to know what you think of the redecoratin'!

Just a few more months until I plan to get into the show and cruisin' seen for 2008. Looks like the Detroit Autorama happens in March. I haven't said much about it...but would love to drive up and check it out. Sounds like the basement is dedicated strickly to traditonals hot rods and rats....NO TRAILER QUEENS ALLOWED! Just saw a post last evening on car building legend Jimmy Shine's website. Guess he is planning to be at the Detroit show. (PLUS...a side note: His site also says that a second season of HardShine is currently being considered.)

No new show photos or cars to report this weekend. Checked out a 1992 Buick Roadmaster Wagon this week. The price was right, but it had a severe engine knock. Probably something that could be figured out...but I'm lookin' for a grocery getter, kid hauler that can immediately hit the road....the search continues.

Could not leave you Kats without any eye-candy this week, so I've posted a few pictures I've found surfin' the 'net this week. All posted pics fit my definition of COOL.