Thursday, January 24, 2008

James Dean/Ducktail Run and Larry Grobes

I think I've already spoke of this in a posting last fall. My father, son and I go to a lot of car shows and cruise-ins in the Indiana/Ohio area. However my hands-down favorite weekend of the year is the weekend of the James Dean Festival in Fairmount, IN and the Ducktail Run in Gas City, IN. We've attending these shows pretty religiously since my days in college at Taylor University in nearby Upland, IN.

Tonight I was surfing the net and I happened to Google Ducktail Run. Quite a few hits came up...but one that interested me was the Larry Grobes Kustoms site. (I've provided the link below). The site contains several pictures of the custom cars that Larry has brought over the years...and the crazy thing is....I remember each one and have some pictures of my own!

What I could not believe is the "evolution" of Larry's 52 Olds over the years. I can remember seeing the cars in the photos, but NEVER dreamed it was the SAME car! In it's last was the most extremely wicked rat/flamethrower at the event.

At the other extreme, was this years 46 Ford "Voodoo Idol". I believe I've posted a few pictures of it in previous posts. This car is absolutely off-the-hook beautiful! The car has the lines and curves of a beautiful women, and absolutely flawless paint. The detail in the customizing is outstanding!

I plan to revisit this site again and again when I have more time. There are pages of pictures taken at both the James Dean Festival and the Ducktail run from 2001 to the present. I am curious to see if the lens happen to catch my father, my son, or myself enjoying the best weekend of the year!

Hey daddio....check out this link!