Saturday, January 19, 2008

Hey....that's my idea!

Several months ago, I posted a collection of photographs to this blog I had taken over the years. One day I was playing around with a photo editting program and decided to try something new. I took a few pictures of traditional hot rods I'd taken and converted them to black and white. It gave the pictures a nostalgic, retro look.

Tonight, while surfing the net, I found a site that contains MANY photographs taken in a similar way. The site is called atomic pinup and it contains photographs of hotrods and vintage pinup girl photographs.

There are multiple pages of traditional hot rod and rat rod photographs taken in black and white, I've picked out a few of my favorites that I thought were "Suede and Chrome worthy". The pictures can be found at:

The site also contains a page that reviews music and a page where you can buy some atomic pinup tee-shirts.