Saturday, January 12, 2008

Nose Art 2, and Walmart Sucks!

I've been thinking about aviation nose art for some time, how ironic that the very day I post a blog entry about it, I run across a cool website that contains a story about a WW II themed hot rod. For more on this creative machine, check out

p.s. On an unrelated topic...DO NOT TAKE YOUR CAR TO WALMART to have the oil changed. I used to change my own oil all the time. However, with less and less free time, it's been easier to let my wife take them into the local Walmart. of my new year's resolutions was to save some $$ by getting back to doing my own car maintenance. Well....last week, I took my Impala to my father's to change the whole. We worked trying to get the drain plug loosen until we boogered the thing up. I had to go into the local auto parts store and by a new plug by the time we'd finished.

The guy at the parts store informed me that "Any idiot can work in Walmarts service department. They require no training. Those @holes use air wrenches to put your drain plug back in!" Well, needless to say, right there and then I decided never to take my car back to Walmart.

Unfortunately for me, our mini-van has been serviced at Walmart the past few times as well. Today, I went out to the garage to change the oil in it. Dad-gummit if I didn't have the same stickin' problem. After bustin' my knuckles and practically dropping a testicle straining to loosen the drain plug, I finally put the tools up, took the van off the jack, and plan to drive into Walmart and give them a piece of my mind.