Saturday, January 26, 2008

Car Tunes

Two of my favorite things in life are hot rods and good music. If you've followed this blog over the past few years, that fact should be evident. Periodically, I will review a new CD I've purchased or include some car related lyrics in the format of this site.

Well...if you enjoy car related music too...I've found the site for you. I stumbled across this site this morning and immediately marked it as one of my favorites. This site contains vitally every song about cars that has been recorded from the 1900's to the present. The SWEETEST thing can click on the icon beside a given song and ACTUALLY HEAR THE COMPLETE MP3! Many of the songs also have a link to lyrics and other interesting information about the song.

This site is VERY cool and I will make many return visits. I've tried in vain this afternoon to figure out a way that I could link the music to this site so that it would play in the background as you viewed my pages. Unfortunately, I'm no techno-guru!

On thing I did learn about this site. If you are listening to one song, you need to click again to stop it before you click to listen to another song. If you don't both songs will play through your speakers at the same time. At any rate, I've attached the link below. I've been enjoying listening to many familiar tunes as well as discovering many that are new to me. Hope you enjoy listening to the music on this link as much as I have!