Monday, January 21, 2008

Cool Rides!

Well, I'm not sure where I found these pictures originally, but they were on a Zip Disk I had stored in the back of my desk drawer.

I find it humorous that long before I started "Suede and Chrome", I had found these pictures on the Internet and thought that they were pretty cool.

I guess it just goes to show that my taste in hot rods hasn't changed much over the years. What I do find interesting though is that these vehicles represent the edge of time when the rat rod craze started. If you notice, these vehicles are all nice examples of traditional rods. Only one of the four even has a 'suede' paint job. I think I like the finished look of these cars better than some of the stuff that has been showing up at shows and cruise-ins recently. Some of the stuff is a bit too far gone for even my tastes.

I would take ANY of the cars pictured in these photos over some of the junk I've seen guys trying to pass off as "cool".