Sunday, August 15, 2010

Last Post from 2010 Road Rocket Rumble

Well, I couldn't leave the Rumble without taking one last look at the cool graphics on this sweet Model A.
I'd like to thank the members of the Indy Road Rockets and everyone else who had a hand in making this year's Rumble a success. It was great seeing some old friends at the show and FINALLY getting to take the Nifty Fifty to the show. And on that note....a special thanks to Danny Seybold and the girls from TMH PhotoWorx for the AWESOME pictures of the Nifty Fifty...they came out great!!!! (It's amazing how good a "driver" can look when you put a couple of fine looking women in the picture, isn't it?)
Hope you've enjoyed this set of pictures as much as I've enjoyed sharing them. Come back tomorrow to see what other "goodies" I've got in store.