Saturday, August 28, 2010

1st Annual Hillcroft Services Car Show, Muncie, Indiana

Well, the sun was shining when I backed the Nifty Fifty out of the garage on the morning of August 14th to head to the first annual Hillcroft Services Car Show in Muncie, Indiana. However, the weather quickly changed on my 10 minute drive into Muncie, and by the time I had reached the bypass, the sky had darkened and the rain was pouring down. The rain only lasted about 10 to 20 minutes, and soon after I pulled into the show and parked, the rain ended. If you look closely at the truck lid of the Nifty Fifty in the picture can see the rain still beaded on the car.

Once the rain stopped, most of the car's owners began drying off their cars....however, you know me...."drive it and leave it", I just walked around and enjoyed watching everyone else work way too hard. lol

The owner of this little red coupe worked WAY too hard on keeping his car dry. 2 or 3 times he would get it dried off before it began to sprinkle again. The car was definitely a "trophy queen" and one of the nicest cars at the show.
 The early morning rain probably kept many cars away from the show. I think their ended up being 30 to 35 cars in attendance. With the small number, it gave me a chance to talk to the owners of some of the vehicles as I snapped a few pictures. Regardless of whether or not a car is "my style", I like to hear the history of a car. Take for instance this 1979 Ford LTD. Now, it doesn't fit into the "norm" of what I try to feature in this website, but I struck up a conversation with the owner and found out he is the original owner of the car! He told me he graduated from Monroe Central High School in Farmland, Indiana in 1979 and then bought this car new. The car has been well maintained and looks as good as the day he brought it home.

Here is another owner (pictured here with his '31 Plymouth Coupe) that I had an opportunity to chat with about his car. The car originally belonged to his father, and he inherited it. His father built the car over 50 years ago. The current owner has made a few modifications, and told me it's his daily driver in nice weather.

Lots more from the 1st annual Hillcroft Services Show in the days ahead, including the nicest '50 Ford Woodie I've ever laid eyes on. Come back tomorrow!