Monday, March 22, 2010

Detroit Post #22

Saw this same Camaro in Indianapolis a couple of weeks ago. Still...very cool.
And how cool is a Dodge A100?
 One of my son's favorite cars is "ShBoom". We usually see it in Lima, Ohio every year at the Rebel Run. Here it is in Detroit.
 I'm not sure why...but I've got a thing for Divco Milk trucks. It was good to see a couple nicely restored examples at this year's Autorama.
 I was a kid when the original Herbie - The Love Bug movies first hit theaters. I can remember going with my folks and my little brother to see a view of them at the local drive-in.
 Well, it's hard to believe...but I've finally posted all the pictures I took upstairs at the 2010 Detroit Autorama...but I'm far from finished. Come back tomorrow as I will start posting pictures from my FAVORITE part of the show, the traditional hot rods and rat rods in the basement of the Cobo Center!