Thursday, March 4, 2010

2010 Detroit Autorama Post #4

One of the "trends" I've noticed of late is that I'm starting to see more and more vans at car shows. I'm old enough to remember when the whole "van crazy" was happening in the '70s. The large side panels of a full size van made a great canvas for airbrush artists of the day. The large interior space of a full size van also opened the doors to a lot of creative expression. This Dodge van had a nice chop and an interesting fade that was also carried to the crushed velvet interior.
There is a stark contrast between the cars battling for the Riddler Award and the cars in the Motorama section of the show (housed in the basement of Cobo). Avid Suede and Chrome readers will know that my favorite cars are in the basement, but I also have quite an affection for an immaculate restoration of a vintage car from the 20s/30s/40s/50s and 60s.

Wow....all three of the rods pictured here were absolutely flawless. Lots more pictures from Detroit in the coming weeks. Make sure you come back to Suede and Chrome daily for more from the Autorama.