Sunday, March 14, 2010

Autorama Post #14

Wow! Can you believe we are approaching the middle of the month of March already? I'm amazed each year seems to move at a quicker pace. Unfortunately, due to the ugly winter that we had in the midwest United States, there will be no Spring Break this year. We will be making up snow days during what should have been our Spring Break. That's o.k. though, just the site of the sun in the sky and the warmer temperatures has been fantastic.
Brown isn't the color that comes first in my mind when I think about a metalflake paint job....but this little t-bucket was still very cool. I had to laugh, the car had a "root beer float" theme. As we walked by, the owner of the car opened the bed cover and pulled a can of soda from a cooler. My wife noticed it wasn't Root Beer and "called" him on it. The guy laughed, opened the cover back up, and should us that he did in fact have some A&W in the cooler.
Still a couple hundred (or as they say in Chicago..."hunnert") pictures left to post. Come back tomorrow for more from the Detroit Autorama.