Friday, March 19, 2010

Detroit #19: Mega Post

Well, it's been a few weeks since my wife and I made the trek up an icy, snow-covered I-75 to the 2010 Detroit Autorama, and I still have LOTS of pictures to post. Thought I'd start posting a few more pictures every day.
Lots of cool stuff in today's post, including more of the vintage drag display.
I really liked this custom 1950 Chevrolet. A combination of a lot of small custom details work together to give this car a lot of "KOOL".
And how much cooler can you get than a PROSTREET PACER?!?!!? And it's a woody Pacer wagon to boot! My guess is that we will start seeing more and more cars from the '70s showing up at car shows. Unfortunately, due to cheap metal and the President's cash for clunker program...many of these cars been sold for scrap or our far to gone.